Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Motorcycle Man

Colin and I headed down to Carolina Motor Sport Track on Monday for his first track-day experience.
There are no words for the nerves that are involved in this sport... on both of our parts.  I cannot imagine what it takes to get on that motorcycle and head out on that track to go 125 mph.  But I can tell you it takes nerves of steel to stand by and support your husband while he does it!  I was a nervous wreck!
After watching watching a few laps, I relaxed a bit and allowed myself to just enjoy the event.  It really was fun and we met some great people.
I took a few photos of my own, but there was a photographer there taking pictures of the riders on the course.
They turned out really well.  I was really impressed with all of them.
Here is an example of one of my before and afters from the day.
Ducati 1098 Desmo track day Carolina motor sports park
Comin' Into The Pits Ducati 1098 desmo track day carolina motorsports park

A little bit of a crop (to get the "Johnny-On-The-Spot" out of the picture), brightening and sharpening took this picture from good to great.
To take a look at the other photos from this day, visit our Flickr album to check them out.

If you have an event photograph that you would like to brighten, crop, or edit in any way, please email me at 

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