Friday, May 20, 2011

Saving Damaged Photos

The first thing that jumps into my mind when I think of a disaster happening to a home is if everyone is ok.
The second is the thought of lost pictures and memories.
Our pictures are important to us.
My back-up plan is that I upload them to an off-site server.  That way I have a copy of them somewhere else if the worst happens.  There are so many servers to choose from.  I personally use Flickr, but there's PhotoBucket, Shutterfly and tons more.
But sometimes we are not so lucky.
With all of the natural disasters that have happened to the south recently, my heart breaks to think of all of the loss.  Of course, for me, my sadness is for my beloved Louisiana.  Hasn't South Louisiana been through enough!?!
One of my best friends felt the hardships from Katrina.  She actually came all the way up our way to stay with us for Hurricane Rita.
This picture that she sent me was not water-damaged, but because of the humidity and water that was in her mother-in-law's house, the picture stuck to the glass in it's frame.
It's not much compared to the scope of rebuilding one's life, but if it brings even just a fleeting moment of relief, then it warms my heart to do it.
fixing restoring damaged photo picture katrina water damage
Williams Restoring water damaged photo from katrina flood 2

If you have a photo that needs to be restored, please contact me at


Anonymous said...

It looks great. Even though it has been years since hurricane Katrina, when I find things like this it still makes me sad. Now I have one memory back on my wall that we haven't seen forever. Thanks for helping me put "us" back in our home!

Jennifer Williams

Norma said...

You have such a sweet heart!!!! Your friends love you for it.

julie - eab designs said...

Photos are so dear to our hearts. I know your friend must be so thankful for your kindness. We back our photos up to a server in our house, but I really have wanted to keep an off-site copy somewhere as well. You have inspired me to move this closer to the top of my list. Have a lovely week Mary Beth.