Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Real, True Princess

The other day while we were out, a lady at the store overheard Emma talking about princesses.  She stopped and looked at Emma and said, "do you know how you know if you're a real princess?"
Emma just looked at her with those big hazel eyes and shook her head in wonderment.
The lady said to her, "if you have a blue line inside of your wrist, then you are a true princess."
Emma looked, and sure enough... there it was!  Her blue line!!!
She gasped in disbelief!  It couldn't have been any cuter.
She looked at the inside of her wrist for the rest of the day and told everyone we met that she was a real true princess.
After we got back into the car, I would look in the rearview mirror at her and she studied her princess wrist the whole way home!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back To School Routines

We are snapped right back into our routines now and we've come up with a system that really works for us.  First, we have a great bedtime routine and morning routine that I swiped right off of "I Heart Organization." ('s a free download and HERE is the link)
It works perfectly for us and the kids are getting pretty good at moving through the routine without me having to tell them what's next.
I love that they are now involved with getting their clothes ready for the next day.  This, I have found, is teaching a very valuable lesson on preparation and looking ahead to the next day.
We have a drawer in his bedside table that is dedicated to their "up on deck" clothing.  We keep tomorrow's clothes in it so that in the morning we are not scrambling in different drawers to get everything we need.  It is all together ready for even the sleepiest of eyes.  I also put clothes that are needed for tomorrow's activities in there.  So if we have his soccer practice or her ballet class, those clothes are in there as well.
BedtimeRoutine copy

The morning routine saves us a bundle of time as well.  The kids know what is expected and we are out the door with plenty of time to spare.

MorningRoutine copy Emma and I continue our routine by going over to the Y after we drop Drew off.  I run for almost an hour and she visits her friends in the Playhouse.  It works great for us.
Then it is either time to drop her off at school, time for ballet, or time to go home and have some mommy/daughter time together.

It works like a charm!  I love being back in the routine of things!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Beautiful "Golden Hour"

This is the perfect time of year to capture that beautiful time that photographers call the "golden hour" just before the sun sets. Call now to book one of our sessions to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and get this beautiful golden hour look. Hornbeak 3

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

End Of Summer Photo Shoot

I really enjoyed spending one of the last nights of summer with the two sweeties! We had a great time listening to some Disney Radio while we took some pictures on this beautiful evening. I love this age and they are one of my favorite to photograph. I love to have a little fun with them and it really cracks me up how we get them to break a genuine smile and sometimes a full-on laugh! We not only had a great time, but we captured these beautiful faces before time has the chance to change them. They will only look like this for a very short while before they grow throughout the school year. I'm glad that Mom will be able to display her true work of heART on her walls forever.
Hornbeak 1.1

Wall Gallery Example
A couple of beautiful options for galleries that could be made from this shoot.  Wouldn't you love to have these of your own children on your walls!  A true work of heART!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drew's Senior Buddy

On Drew's second day of school he met his Senior Buddy.
His Senior Buddy was waiting for him in the morning with a big welcome sign.  They met, shook hands and talked for a moment while posing for pictures for mommy.  Then they walked to class together.
I think it's such a great program too.  Since the school is Jr. K through 12th grade, they match a senior up with a Jr. K'er.  At the beginning of school, as you saw, the senior buddy welcomes their little buddy.  Then, throughout the year they have all kinds of little events together.  They support each other throughout the year as well.  Drew's buddy is on the school lacrosse team and Drew is so excited for the season so we can go watch his buddy play.  I see big signs with his name on them in our future.  :)
Then, at the end of the year, the Jr. K'ers send off their senior buddies with signs decorated for their future college.
Cannon Senior Buddy
Drew and his senior buddy
Cannon Senior Buddy
The meeting
Cannon Senior Buddy
And they're off!  Drew thought that his senior buddy must have stubbed his toe since he had "a boot" on his foot.  Apparently it was actually a running injury :(
Cannon Senior Buddy
Walking to class
We are so fortunate to have his senior buddy.  I'm sure all of the senior buddies are great, but I just love his!  They seem to be able to talk easily about "guy" stuff.  You know, Star Wars, Pirates, and Angry Birds!  haha!  Drew really enjoys his time with his buddy and is always excited to meet up with him.  I'm sure we'll have many great stories this year to tell!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Little Guy's First Day Of School

Our little guy is off to school!  Today was his first day at "the big school."
I am so happy for him, but I am so nervous too!
We began the festivities last night by preparing a Back To School Dinner of grilled cheese and alphabet spaghettios, our new tradition.
We celebrated the beginning of a new year and all of the exciting things to come!
I found a lot of the back to school dinner table ideas on Pinterest and from my friend Sarah.
The table was set
Grilled cheese and alphabet spaghettios for our traditional back to school dinner
A special dessert for my little smartie too!
This little stow-away joined us for dinner.  He'll be tagging along with Drew on his backpack everyday.
Nom nom nom!!!
First Day 1
It's here.  Drew's first day
First Day 2
Ready to go in the building!
First Day 3
Mommy and Daddy aren't the only one's who are going to miss him!
First Day 4
This one is heartbreaking.  Our little princess is really missing her best buddy!
This is the song that came on the radio as we left the school.  How appropriate.