Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drew's Senior Buddy

On Drew's second day of school he met his Senior Buddy.
His Senior Buddy was waiting for him in the morning with a big welcome sign.  They met, shook hands and talked for a moment while posing for pictures for mommy.  Then they walked to class together.
I think it's such a great program too.  Since the school is Jr. K through 12th grade, they match a senior up with a Jr. K'er.  At the beginning of school, as you saw, the senior buddy welcomes their little buddy.  Then, throughout the year they have all kinds of little events together.  They support each other throughout the year as well.  Drew's buddy is on the school lacrosse team and Drew is so excited for the season so we can go watch his buddy play.  I see big signs with his name on them in our future.  :)
Then, at the end of the year, the Jr. K'ers send off their senior buddies with signs decorated for their future college.
Cannon Senior Buddy
Drew and his senior buddy
Cannon Senior Buddy
The meeting
Cannon Senior Buddy
And they're off!  Drew thought that his senior buddy must have stubbed his toe since he had "a boot" on his foot.  Apparently it was actually a running injury :(
Cannon Senior Buddy
Walking to class
We are so fortunate to have his senior buddy.  I'm sure all of the senior buddies are great, but I just love his!  They seem to be able to talk easily about "guy" stuff.  You know, Star Wars, Pirates, and Angry Birds!  haha!  Drew really enjoys his time with his buddy and is always excited to meet up with him.  I'm sure we'll have many great stories this year to tell!

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