Friday, August 24, 2012

End Of Summer Photo Shoot

I really enjoyed spending one of the last nights of summer with the two sweeties! We had a great time listening to some Disney Radio while we took some pictures on this beautiful evening. I love this age and they are one of my favorite to photograph. I love to have a little fun with them and it really cracks me up how we get them to break a genuine smile and sometimes a full-on laugh! We not only had a great time, but we captured these beautiful faces before time has the chance to change them. They will only look like this for a very short while before they grow throughout the school year. I'm glad that Mom will be able to display her true work of heART on her walls forever.
Hornbeak 1.1

Wall Gallery Example
A couple of beautiful options for galleries that could be made from this shoot.  Wouldn't you love to have these of your own children on your walls!  A true work of heART!

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