Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Real, True Princess

The other day while we were out, a lady at the store overheard Emma talking about princesses.  She stopped and looked at Emma and said, "do you know how you know if you're a real princess?"
Emma just looked at her with those big hazel eyes and shook her head in wonderment.
The lady said to her, "if you have a blue line inside of your wrist, then you are a true princess."
Emma looked, and sure enough... there it was!  Her blue line!!!
She gasped in disbelief!  It couldn't have been any cuter.
She looked at the inside of her wrist for the rest of the day and told everyone we met that she was a real true princess.
After we got back into the car, I would look in the rearview mirror at her and she studied her princess wrist the whole way home!


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Mama Honey said...

Great shot! What a beauty! Love that little one :)