Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

When the dog bites  
When the bee stings 
When I'm feeling sad 
I simply remember my favorite things 
And then I don't feel so bad 

 Most of you know I was a teacher before I started on my photography journey. The reason I taught, and the reason I love taking family photos is because I LOVE children. So when a child gets hurt, it truly breaks my heart. Even when it's something that we all go through. Now when you look at these pictures, you're going to assume I'm talking about this sweetie's little broken leg.
Nope.  Other than her cutest little hobble ever, and the bright pink cast, you would never guess she was hurt.  We didn't hear a word of complaint from her.  And I was so excited that mom and dad were still so eager to take pictures. This is, after all, a stage they are going through that should be documented too. They love photography, so they make plenty of opportunity to capture the perfect, non-cast moments too.
Back the the injury.
The older sister was running in  some clover, and as adorably cute as those sandals are, they did not protect her from the bee that was less than impressed with her playing.
She was stung right on the bottom of her foot!  I felt soooooo badly.  You pick out these locations, the family is there because YOU chose it, and WHAMMO!
But mom and dad were very understanding and played it super cool (maybe cooler than me... I have a few things to learn) and she was calmed down and loved-on and contently cuddled very quickly.
Then, the pictures come out and mom tells me it was all worth it.  Which of course makes me feel at least a little better about the situation.  (:
So here are a couple of images that were the silver lining to the first bee sting of her life.

best Charlotte family photographer
Best Charlotte family photographer


julie - eab designs said...

Beautiful photos! There nothing like a sister!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks Julie! They are so precious!