Monday, October 11, 2010

The Best Part About Tailgating.... (Recipe Included)

.... friends and food of course!!!!!
Wahoo!  LSU continues their undefeated season past Florida!
One thing that separates a good LSU tailgate party from any other team's is our food (there's a reason Louisiana / Cajun restaurants pop up all over the country).
One of my best friends and I are LSU alumni.  Funny that it took us moving to the Carolinas to meet.
And we love LSU tailgating parties!
The kids were decked out in their tiger-wear.  

The food was incredible (of course... it's Louisiana fare which everyone knows is some of the best)

My contribution was the muffulettas.  Now if you've never had a muffuletta and you like those strong flavored deli sandwiches, you MUST make these!
(from bottom to top)
Provolone Cheese
Olive Mix *
On a Kiser roll topped with melted butter and Garlic powder
heated in a 350 degree oven until golden brown

*Olive Mix
jar of kalamata Olives
jar of queen green olives
jar of black olives
jar of mixed pickled vegetables
1 Tbls olive oil
chop olives and vegetables in food processor 
mix in oil and oregano

I cut them into quarters and serve them on my oversized LSU plate.  The plate was empty soon after they were served so I didn't get a picture.... but that's a good problem to have (:



{jaclyn} said...

love the little cheerleader outfit! cute kids. :)

Val said...

Such precious photos!

Luna and Chloe said...

OMG - how adorable are they!!! So cute all decked out! Thank you for your sweet comment!