Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leaves And Their Deadlines

We planned a trip to the mountains this fall.
I hope we've booked the right weekend for a beautiful fall trip.
Leaves have their deadlines whether we make it there in time or not, so I didn't want to book it too late.  I want to see the beauty before the flurry of leaves fall to the ground.  I want to see the fiery reds and glowing oranges, the cautionary yellows in contrast to the cool greens.
What I don't want is to get up there and see the aftermath... the remnants.  The litter of leaves laying there like ground-in confetti after a good party.  
I don't want to be late, but will we be too early?  Only time will tell.  Here's where I've tried to keep up with the fall color reports, but regardless of what they say, the appointment has been booked, so it is what it is.
We have our own little fall going on in our backyard, so today Drew and I gathered up some of fall's bringings and made a little warrior to watch over "Sticky Forest" for us.
What are  you doing to celebrate fall?

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