Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Emma's Room Make-Over

I am completely in love with Mary Blair's artwork. My favorite things at Disney are pretty much all designed by her. I love "It's A Small World" and what girl doesn't giggle at the thought of riding The Tea Cups? I know I do.
It's time to make Emma a "big-girl room" and Mary Blair is the main inspiration. I cherish the memory of riding The Tea Cups with Emma for the first time and I want to represent that.  I also love Emma's personality which is both colorful and very girlie.  So that will definitely be a part of her room too.  I'm excited about figuring out how it'll all come together.

Little girl Bedroom Inspiration Board Photography

I love this lamp (here is the tutorial for it) and the little boots next to it that I'm sure come from Joyfolie

I really can't wait to get started after the holidays!

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