Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roll Out The Red Carpet: The Session Premier

 The Session Premier!!!
It is just as fabulous as it sounds.  I spoil every one of my clients with a Session Premier.  Imagine someone showing up with a decadent dessert of your choice and presenting to you the most beautiful photographs of your loved ones... and you don't even have to go anywhere because it is all taking place in your own home!
During a Session Premier, you are shown your images in a stunning slideshow created just for your family.  Then you will have time to look at each photo individually.
This is also the time to get inspired with my professionally-designed wall display guide to assist you in visualizing how to create a beautiful photo gallery in your home.
And of course I have a Sneak Peak for you.
Here is a snippet from a slideshow:

Please check out what all is included when you book a session with Emby Taylor Photography by stopping by our Investments Page.

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