Monday, June 7, 2010

Put On Your Merlin Hat Mommies, We're Mixing Up The Most Magical Diaper Cream Ever!!!!

Because a world with comfortable baby bottoms is a happier world, I wanted to share the world's best concoction for diaper rash. I'd love to say it's an old family secret recipe, but in fact it's just a little formula that my Dr. gave me for Emma's sensitive little bum. It sounds very bizarre, but it's the bees knees!
Tonight, when I got a call from my good friend, Lauren, to get this recipe for Ryan, it occurred to me that I should share this with all the mommies out there that I possibly can.

The larger portion:
Boudreaux's Butt Paste
Aquaphor / Vasaline

The smaller portion:

This will gum-up a bit and become quite a little ball, so add 2 tbsp of Mylanta and that ought to smooth things out to a paste.

Mix it all together and apply at diaper changes.

Voila! Things will clear up in no time at all!
Now ladies (and gentlemen) these are the big guns, so no need to mix this up for your average diaper changes unless you just want to.

***UPDATE: This is what Lauren's friend said about the remedy:
"From a chemist’s POV, the ingredients make sense (well, sort of). Obviously, the base is commercially available diaper rash remedies; Monistat is an antifungal (diapers are damp, fungi love damp places); hydrocortisone blocks the allergic response that causes redness, itching, and swelling; and the active ingredient in commercially available antacids like Mylanta is aluminum hydroxide, which is also used in antiperspirants to absorb wetness. I approve."

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