Thursday, June 24, 2010

A note from Mr. Taylor

I wanted to steal away the keyboard for a moment and provide readers with an alternative point of view today. The “mama” in southernmamalogue is truly someone quite content to place her family on a pedestal, never taking credit for accomplishments that are truly hers. Well not today sweetheart…as I write this you are out and about preparing for a garden experiment that will surely involve the children.
This post is for those followers that read and enjoy the trials and tribulations of this family of ours…..but also wonder at times what makes this girl tick. What kind of woman is she? Is she as great a wife as she is a mother? Is she human or is she truly a superhero?
“Mama” is very human =). She is my best friend and truly the wife I had dreamed of marrying my whole life. Her morals and sense of self are some of her strongest traits. She leads by example for our small family showing that true happiness only comes when you do not compromise on core values. I am so grateful that these are the values being engrained into my young children. Her sweet eyes, gentle touch and voice seem to be able to solve any problem that our young children encounter…she is the best, “mama”. Yes she is beautiful…but I’m the one that needs to point it out when she turns guys heads…she is oblivious.
As for the blog…..”mama” started this as a way to archive our journey with the children. But now that she receives notes and encouragement on her writing from readers we have never met all over the world it has become a quiet place to unwind at day’s end and share the events of the day with both friends we know and friends we don’t know =). Even after having this blog up for a few years “mama” still thinks it sweet when she hears from strangers….pulling me over to her computer…,”read this dear….isn’t that just sweet!?!”
So yeah…I’ve got it pretty good. A gorgeous family enjoying all the south has to offer with me. “Mama” supports me in the most bizarre adventures….some you will read about….many you will not. But I know without question she is not behind me….she is beside me every step of the way.
I love you girl =)
Mr. Taylor


Kim said...

The sweetest words a blog mama will ever read. That was sooo mice of your hubby! Hold on to him!

Anneke said...

Always new you were a big cheese westy. You are a sweetie to match your sweetie. Love to you both xoxox Anneke