Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mother Nature's Wedding

This is that time when the brutal Winter Lion marries the welcomed Spring Lamb. And you can certainly see Mother Nature preparing for the wedding.She has draped white, pink, and yellow all over everything that is standing still and I love it.
This is my favorite time of the year in our neighborhood. The true peak only lasts for about a week, but boy is it beautiful!
What was snow on the ground just a few weeks ago, is now flower pedals sprinkled atop the grass. Or in keeping with the wedding theme, Mother Nature's version of the rice covered exit for the bride and groom.
These trees take center stage for a short time of the year.
They are even beautiful on a cloudy day.

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Cathi said...

I remember how much I loved those trees in the entrance and I always wished they'd stay white longer.