Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Pictures You Want Tomorrow, You Must Take Today ~Anonymous

I want to believe that I will never forget what my children look like at this very moment... that's the "dreamer" in me. But the logical part of me knows that I will. Not that I don't make it a point, but they will give me so many memorable moments that it will be humanly impossible to remember them all. So....
I have taken pictures of what some of their body parts look like right here, right now. I know... exciting stuff! haha
But one day, I will be so happy I did this. And for those of you who see them and look at me with puppy-dog-eyes because you can't believe how quickly they are growing (that's you Mary), and those of you that can't be here often enough to see how quickly they are growing, I thought I'd share the pictures, so bare with me.... you, one day, will be happy I did this too.

His "cow-lick" It's so perfectly placed.

Look familiar? They are so much alike

His hand

Her feet

The tiny little freckle behind Drew's knee

Drew is concentrating on his "potty stickers," thinkin' hard about how he can earn them.

Drew doing what Drew does best.... playing with Cars

Our pretty little Princess Emma

Her sweet little hand wrapped around her nursery rhyme book

They love to play together

It seems like no big deal right now... these are all little parts that I look at a thousand times a day, but they change so fast! I've said it so many times before.... I never want to forget what it's like to be with them right now!


Nancy said...

I think memories help take the edge off growing old :)

Lauren Cole said...

You are such a creative mama! I love all of the photos. The potty stickers pondering shot cracks me up :) Miss you guys!

JennyMac said...

LOVE these....and could they be any cuter? No.

Sarah said...

I am SO doing this!