Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carb Loading? Oh, I Thought They Said Crab Loading!

Karen and I decided to go to an early dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. It ended up being the nicest meal that we had during our trip. We walked in and they sat us at a table with a beautiful view of the bay.

We had a wonderful waiter who recommended a delicious stuffed salmon. I took him up on it and didn't regret it. Karen, however, was craving crabmeat. So we ordered and enjoyed our view of the bay, watching a sea lion swim around and playing right below us.
Then our dinner was served. Mine looked wonderful (nice and "eater-friendly)

Karen's... well, it looked wonderful but HUGE! We laughed and laughed at the shear size of the dish they set down in front of her (not to mention the bib that they waiter made her wear).

Then, our silliness kicked in. We talked more about how our coaches would kill us if they knew that we were eating such a meal two nights before our big day. We were suppose to be staying hydrated and carb-loading at this point.
Well, we took this and ran with it.
Karen says, "What? Isn't this what they said we were suppose to be doing.... crab-loading?" We chuckled a bit and then, like only sisters can, got ridiculously silly about it. Our maturity level all of the sudden went to that of a 9 year old. As a matter of fact, it really did feel like I was 9 again, sitting with my sister laughing, not worrying about adult "stuff" and just laughing away.
By the end of this, Karen was covered in garlic and butter and I had only "sprayed" my ice tea once from laughing so much (my mother would be oh so proud of our wonderful table manners.... ok maybe not, but she'd be so happy that we were having a great time together).

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