Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is "U"?

Being the teacher that I am, I was playing letter games with Drew the other day. He seems to be a "numbers kind of guy" so we're trying to expose him to more letters. He's not too fond of them though, so I have to really make it into a game.
Well, the other day we were playing with his letter blocks which have little figures inside of them that represent their letter.
I asked him where "A for Airplane" is. He did well. He knows A is always at the beginning so he found it quickly.
So I decided to make it a bit more challenging for him, so I asked him, "Drew, where is U?" He ran around behind me with a sneaky little smile and sat down right behind my back. Then he pokes his head around and says, "I'm right here, Mama!"
It took me a second, but then I realized what he thought I was asking him and I laughed so hard and he just laughed and laughed with me.
What a funny little boy I have!


Lauren Cole said...

Dave and I are CRACKING up right now. How funny and cute!!

Nancy said...

This is a beautiful online journal :) and yes, kids bring such laughter and love into our lives!

Kim said...

Too cute! You shoudl share that one on What Would Your Children Say Wednesday at www.familyamericanstyle. I has been fun reading all of the posts.


Sarah said...

Love it!