Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Favorite Artist

While in Myrtle Beach, we stopped at a little boutique called "The Big Tuna." I fell in love the moment I walked into the door. There was all of this artwork around that I absolutely loved!!!! It was very "me" and when you see it, if you know me, you'll agree. Anyways, so I asked the shop owner about the artist. It's such an interesting little story. Her name is Peggy Thibideau and she was a teacher I believe. Well, she was obviously looking for a different creative outlet and prayed about it. God told her to paint. She took His advice and now is a very successful, self-taught artist.
I just love the colors, the messages, and the "green" approach. I love mixed media art and I so enjoy reading about how she comes up with the different items she uses and what they mean to her. Her blog is so interesting too. I loose track of time when reading about the different pieces. Good thing it's summer time and this teacher doesn't have to be at work in the morning.... hehe.

These images are from Peggy's Blog.

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