Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ice Cream!!!!!!

Let's play a game of association.... Ok.. I'll go first!
Ice cream truck..... go!

1. music tinkering through a neighborhood
2. gaggles of children lined up in the streets in their bathing suits trying to buy ice cream
3.Overpriced ice cream
4. This day now goes down in our family's history as Drew's first visit with the ice cream truck!!!

We heard the truck from miles away (ok, maybe just a block or two) and scrounged our change (ok... maybe now it takes bills) and trekked outside with the kids to experience this right-of-passage with our son.  He ended up with an orange creamcicle. 
It was too cute, I must admit. Then we sat ourselves down and experienced ice cream on the curb.... the way it's suppose to be done when you buy it out of a truck. Drew was a complete and utter mess by the time we were done and he loved every minute of it!
I love this mosaic... It just screams "SUMMER!!!"

Even though Emma wasn't able to get ice cream, she still enjoyed the weather and watching big brother with his ice cream.

Drew wouldn't even stop eating his ice cream to watch the plane fly over (did I mention how much he loves to point out when there are planes in the sky

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